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Lithies Studio-Apartments Korithi Zakynthos Greece
  • Lithies Hotel is located in Korithi, in the northern part of Zakynthos Island, a a picturesque area of unique natural beauty, where the green of the trees meets the turquoise of the Ionian Sea.

    We are 35km away from the island’s capital and just 2.5 km away from the lovely harbour of Agios Nikolaos, which connects Zakynthos and Kefalonia islands (1 hour by ferry). Agios Nikolaos features many taverns and offers two beautiful pebbled beaches.

    Within a short distance, the visitor can find the world-famous Blue Caves and Shipwreck Cove – ask us how to get there!


Lithies Hotel Korithi Zakynthos Greece
  • Sea: 1 km
  • Airport ZTH: 35 km
  • Zakynthos Ferry port: 34 km
  • Beach: 3 km
  • Nearest restaurant: 650 m
  • Zakynthos Town: 34 km
  • Agios Nikolaos port: 3 km
  • Medical Centre: 15 km
  • Blue Caves: 1.2 km
  • Laganas: 37.5 km
  • Nearest shop: 500 m


Lithies Hotel Korithi Zakynthos Greece

Zakynthos is the third largest of the Ionian Islands, after Kefallonia and Corfu, occupying an area of ​ ​406 square kilometers. The coastline has a length of 123 km.

While the shape of the island resembles an irregular triangle with Laganas Bay its base, and Cape Skinari its northern top.

According to the census of 2001, Zakynthos is the third most populated island in the Ionian Sea with a population of 38,680 inhabitants.

Around one third of this population is concentrated in the capital of the island, while the rest live in many villages scattered throughout the central and eastern part of the island.

According to the latest local government organization, the island is divided into six municipalities:

Zakynthos, Elation, Artemision, Alykes (headquarters in Katastari), Arcadia and Laganas.

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The ground is 3/4 mountainous with its highest peak, Mount Vrachionas lying in the center of the island, while its geography features a strong asymmetry; the eastern part is smooth and flat, suitable for farming activities, while the west is wild with numerous coves and rocky shores.

The island has a lush vegetation, forests of pine trees and wild plants and olive groves, pine forests and aquatic plants in coastal shores.

Late autumn rainfalls give life to cyclamens, the sage and the nine species of orchids that grow on the island.

The scent of the sea lily, which grows in August in Laganas Bay, possibly due to the name il Fiore di Levante (the flower of the East).

Zakynthos is rich in fauna, with Caretta Caretta being the protagonist, and a stop-over of many migratory birds.

The island has a remarkable musical tradition and quirky local religious ceremonies. Famous Zakynthian products include Verdea wine, excellent ladotyri cheese, nougats and aromatic body mists. On festive days, Zakynthians love eating sesame seed candy (pasteli) and the traditional local fitoura from the picturesque candy carts, outside the temples.


After a ten-minute walk from Lithies you will find yourself in a natural scenery that will enchant you. The locals call it Skidi. It is a natural cove where you can swim in the blue, crystal clear waters and visit one of the famous blue caves by swimming! The beauty of the surroundings is breathtaking. One may say that whoever loves nature will never forget.


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Xigia Beach is a small, scenic beach, known for its thermal waters containing sulfur in a large proportion which comes from the nearby caves. For this reason, Xigia is particularly loved and preferred by those who suffer from leg pain and arthritis. Located 20 minutes from Lithies, it is easily accessible by car and has a parking area.

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Navagio (shipwreck) is a famous beach on the eastern part of the island near the mountain village of Anafonitria.

Crystal clear waters, white sand, impressive cliffs and a shipwreck half sunk in the sand form an amazing setting.

Back in 1901, German traveler E.L.

Salvatos said that Navagio was a very small beach with black stones. Local elders say that until 1920 it was a very small beach named Spirili. In 1922, a landslide initially created the first remarkable beach which was about where the boat now stands. A second landslide after the shipwreck created the current beach. The wreck dates back in 1983, and the ship that sank smuggled cigarettes. Even today the beach is accessible only by sea.

You can take a ferry from the town of Zakynthos for a day trip; also, small boats depart daily from other parts of the island for Navagio beach, and for the port of Agios Nikolaos in Volimes which is located 5 minutes from Lithies Hotel.

It is worth mentioning that the trip to Navagio will also be an enjoyable part because you can view a large part of the island from the sea. You can also view Navagio beach from above and take beautiful pictures which have made Navagio beach famous around the world. Just outside the village of Volimes and near the old monastery of St. George you will find a platform from where you can admire the beach.

There you will find village locals selling their own authentic traditional products, such as olive oil, honey and wine. A little taste of Zakynthos!

lithies studios apartments

Blue caves

The Blue Caves are a number of geological formations on the cliffs beneath Cape Skinari. Apart from the natural arches that resulted from erosion, the caves are remarkable for their colorful corals and the color of the water in the deeper caverns.

The refraction of the light turns everything in the water, the rocks and the boat in which we visit the caves, into an unearthly shade of blue. A trip to the Blue Caves is highly recommended!

During summer, water gets its most beautiful colors at midday when the light is very bright. Near Lithies you will find small glass-hulled boats for day trips, get your cameras and yourself ready for a dive in the blue, crystal-clear water!!!

lithies studios apartments
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